Logic Model

EMSP envisions an East Multnomah County community where children, youth, and adults have equitable access to and are engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) learning that results in a skilled workforce and increased economic opportunity.

Our mission is to develop and align resources through collaborative partnerships to support STEAM initiatives. Our comprehensive Logic Model and Partnership Plans both create the backbone for our Partnership, providing a clear purpose and goals for our professional future.

EMSP implements these high leverage strategies through action teams to reach key outcomes valuable to the entire partnership. Join an action team to contribute to our impact!

EMSP Partnership Plan

EMSP’s Partnership Plan describes the need and value of our work, as well as our key initiatives. It is a live document and is updated regularly. Partners provide input and direction into the plan.

Click this link to find a Google Doc copy of our Partnership Plan: East Metro STEAM Partnership – Partnership Plan

This is a live document that changes as our partnership grows. The latest version is updated as of fall 2018.