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STEAM Professionals

Aman Singh started his GIS career in New Delhi, India in the year 2000 and currently resides in the City of Gresham since 2016 as GIS and Analytics Manager. Ever since Aman was a kid he had a fascination with GIS concepts and experiences. Aman and his coworkers provide data, maps, analytics, and GIS tools to serve the community. Aman and his peers use STEAM professions to improve the public’s quality of life and to allocate scarce resources properly.  Aman believes that EMSP helps the community by helping students find and connect with the opportunities in STEAM careers.

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Al McQuarters is the Vice President of Instruction overseeing academic programs at MHCC. Al holds a master’s degree in molecular and cellular biology from Howard University and a bachelor’s degree in life science and molecular biology from Pennsylvania State University. In fifth grade Al McQuarters acquired an interest in the great lakes from his residence in Michigan. When Al found out there was pollution in the great lakes, he wrote a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency demanding raw data about the great lakes under the Freedom of Information Act. To Al’s surprise, he would soon receive over one hundred boxes of raw data delivered by UPS for the duration of two whole weeks. The empowerment Al felt from this event gave him a desire to bring that sort of empowerment to others in the same way.

McQuarters is an instructional leader who champions the values of opportunity, equity and social justice. Al wants students to be able to reach their goals and to open opportunities that have previously been closed to underrepresented people in STEAM fields.

Photo Credit: Dawn Jones Redstone

Anjeanette Brown is a Community Outreach worker at Oregon Tradeswomen. Anjeanette volunteered with the Oregon Tradeswomen Leadership Institute for three years before being employed there. She is dedicated to transforming women into leaders. Anjeanette wants young people to have the opportunity to access and explore quality career pathways in STEAM. Anjeanette supports STEAM because it is so intertwined with construction and other trades.

Charles’ job at  Microchip Technology Inc is to manage the Bulk Chemical Equipment Engineering department, which includes installing and maintaining chemical delivery equipment to fit manufacturing needs. He was inspired to pursue science and math by his chemistry teacher in ninth grade, here Charles began walking the path towards his career at Microchip today.

Charles believes it is important for young people to be exposed to STEAM careers and to develop an interest in them. He hopes to have a role in connecting students with industry, especially in Math, Science, and Engineering. Charles has volunteered his time to outline educational requirements that high tech companies are looking for in young adults joining the workforce.