Professional Learning Communities for NGSS

What is it?

With funding from the Oregon Department of Education’s STEM Innovation Grants, EMSP takes the lead in convening 3 regional metro STEM Education Leadership Teams (professional learning communities) to:

  • Inform and guide the work of other professional development initiatives for educators, with a strong Equity focus
  • Discuss and propose STEM policy position statements
  • Interface with the EAC/REN and Student Success Act & SIA in their support of and collaboration with the STEM Hub network
  • Develop stronger connections between teacher preparation programs and K-8 educator ongoing professional learning

Why it’s Important:

The overarching goal of this initiative is to increase the capacity of the Oregon STEM Hub Network to deliver high quality STEM leadership development opportunities by creating a comprehensive and cohesive set of professional development opportunities that can be leveraged statewide and utilized annually while developing administrators and teacher-leaders as facilitators and coaches. This initiative aligns with the STEM Investment Council’s grant outcomes:

  • Administrators and classroom educators understand the value of STEM
  • Administrators work with classroom educators to create STEM goals and initiatives for their schools/districts
  • Create a network of STEM administrator and teacher leaders
  • Increase STEM opportunities in participating schools

How it Works:

Regional Leadership Teams will meet in three full day (6-hr) sessions in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021. Smaller workgroups will be encouraged to convene to support specific project activities and goals connected to their interests and institutional goals. Workgroups would convene for the equivalent of six to eight 2-hour meetings over a period of 2-3 months. All members will be invited to attend the PD developed, either as participants or “critical friend” observers. Leadership teams will be no larger than 25 people. The groups will deliver a set of recommendations related to:

  • STEM education policies
  • Supporting EAC/RENs
  • Strategies for connecting teacher preparation with existing district needs and ongoing PD (how can teacher prep programs respond in “real-time” to changing district contexts?)
  • Ongoing and future PD needs of K-8 educators
  • Toolkit for schools and districts including how to increase NGSS capacity (including how to use SSA and EAC funding for STEM)


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Coming Soon!


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