Head Start on Engineering

What is it?

In partnership with Head Start, OMSI, and TERC, EMSP has received an NSF: AISL grant to support families graduating from Head Start’s Engineering programs in continuing their connection with engineering in the early elementary years.

Why it’s Important:

Head Start on Engineering (HSE) is a multi-component, bilingual (Spanish and English) program designed to engage low-income children ages 3 to 5 and their families in the engineering process. The overarching goal of HSE is to help families develop long-term interests in engineering and science so they will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to be successful. Beyond school readiness, the program is about helping children and their families develop a passion for engineering and science that motivates them to engage with these topics throughout their lives—building what are often called long-term interest pathways. Unlike many other preschool engineering or science programs, HSE focuses on the family and home-based learning experiences first and then creates complementary classroom activities to support this learning.

How it Works:

EMSP will a) organize and facilitate a committee of local education and community members focused on coordinating engineering-related learning resources for families with young children in the region, b) conduct a needs assessment and asset/gap analysis, and c) collaborate with partners to coordinate experiences and resources in the community and facilitate connections and access for HSE participants, such as family activity ideas, out-of-school programs, discounted museum memberships, parenting classes, school and library resources, and more.


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